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Since 1955 our bakery products have been creating memories for many Manitobans and after 60 years of business we have continued to produce the same quality goods while dedicating ourselves to expanding in a direction that offers our customers a wide range of variety. Many of our bakery products are homemade in our very own bakery using these original recipes, none of which have any preservatives or additives for we use all natural ingredients. Most of our bakery products are made fresh on a daily basis and our staff is always available to answer any of your questions!

We date each of our baked goods with a 7 day period which we recommend it to be consumed by; although any one of our bakery products can be frozen and taken out as needed if one wishes to stretch out its lifespan.

To guarantee freshness, we recommend customers to pre-order whichever product is requested. We want nothing but the best quality for you, meaning the more notice you give us the better.
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