Batchelors Bigga Peas 300 g


As the name suggests, Batchelors Bigga Marrowfat Peas are larger than the average garden pea. They are also plump, juicy, and packed with delicious flavour. Batchelors Bigga Marrowfat Peas will complement many a meal, particularly the British favourite of fish and chips. Pea lovers should definitely keep a tin in the kitchen cupboard! Most popular with customers in United States of America (USA), Spain, France, Greece, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Austria, but you can buy Batchelors Bigga Marrowfat Peas for delivery worldwide. One of our Batchelors branded products. Ingredients Marrowfat Processed Peas, Water, Sugar, Salt, Colours (E101, E133), Mint Flavouring.