To All Our Children Book


This large coffee-table book is back in print. To All Our Children describes in extensive detail the process of wanting to leave one's home and extended family so soon following the hard times of WWII, making preparations for emigrating, saying farewell, embarking on ships (which in some cases were nothing more than troop transport ships and freighters) and the misery of seasickness, to sighting land and stepping off the boat for new adventures on foreign soil among people who spoke a different language and had "strange" traditions and ways.

Starting afresh on foreign soil meant overcoming obstacles. The Dutch faced many of those! Anyone who reads this book will learn to deeply appreciate the courage of those pioneers: their parents and/or grandparents, perhaps, along with the rest of that generation.

Hardcover, 512 pages, Richly illustrated, lists thumbnail sketches and a picture of "immigrant" ships - including the Groote Beer, * Johan van Oldenbarnevelt, Maasdam, * Nieuw Amsterdam, Noordam, Ryndam II, * Seven Seas, * Sibajak, Volendam, Waterman, * Zuiderkruis, Stella, and Zaandam. Still available are some wall plaques featuring these ships (marked *) plus some other ships.